Zsófia Lévai and Ferenc Zepkó: Made to Measure

A completely new world has opened up to us during this course. We had to rethink fashion design based on a set of criteria which had been unknown to us before.

We wanted to make an outfit for Bori that gave her maximum comfort and confidence. We wanted to balance the lack of her limbs and the proportions of her body, and create elegant and easy to handle items of clothing. To achieve this, we had to create complex dress-patterns to fit a body type different from the average.

It was obvious right from our first consultation that it is difficult for her to find elegant pieces of clothing. Thus, we designed a jacket that she can wear for any important occasion and matches easily with other pieces of clothing as well.

Bori uses her legs for delicate movements as others would use their hands, and we wanted to highlight her special skill with the trousers. So, we chose a soft, pleated material with an ethereal feel in which Bori can move freely.

Model: Borbála Ivicsics

Zsófia Lévai, designer, her special interest lies in fashion-tech design. She explores new possibilities that have recently opened up in fashion design, new forms of human and computer interaction, augmented and shared experiences aided by technology. She graduated from MOME’s Fashion and Textile Design MA program in 2017, and won the “Best Hungarian Designer” price at the Mercedes Benz Central Europe Fashion Week with her work titled INTERKNITTING. Currently, she is working on a new interactive collection in the incubator program of the Deutsche Telekom in Berlin to be presented at the Berlin Fashion Week in July.


Ferenc Zepkó, fashion and textile designer, studied art history and aesthetics at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, but decided for a career in design and completed MOME’s BA program in Fashion and Textile Design. He was an intern at Nanushka and KELE Clothing. Currently he pursues his studies in textile design at Central Saint Martins in London.

Design process

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