Anna Török and Csenge Vass: Between Grids

We thought it to be super cool of Luca not to hide or be ashamed of her arm, rather it looked as if the missing limb would sometimes even work to her advantage. We tried to include this confidence in our interpretation when we created a set of clothing for her. We did not want to augment anything lacking, but rather emphasise the asymmetry of her body. We were aiming to show the aesthetics of absence. The asymmetry and the gestures that reveal that – the way she puts on or takes off her sweater or pulls her hair up into a ponytail – all emphasise Luca’s uniqueness.

Linking disability and fashion design is an exciting venture, because we can draw upon the particular features of the body and the individual habits resulting from that during the design process. This approach can offer new ways and innovative perspectives for the designer as well as the mainstream fashion trends.

Model: Luca Szabados

Anna Török, a student of fashion design (MOME MA studies) specializing in accessories and has also pursued further training at the Willem de Kooning Academy in the Netherlands. Some of her work have appeared in group exhibitions internationally, for example in Rauland Kunstmuseum, Norway; HOP Galery, Tallin.

Csenge Vass, conceptual fashion and textile designer, graduated from MOME, MA in Fashion and Textile Design in 2017. She was a scholarship recipient for textile design studies at ESDI Escuela Superior de Diseño in Barcelona, and completed an internship with Bart Hess Dutch designer in the Netherlands. Her main interest lies in experimenting with innovative, non-conventional materials, creating conceptual surfaces and forms, installations and interdisciplinary art, as well as collaborating with other artists. Her diploma work was exhibited at the 2017 Budapest Design Week (Artus Studio) and at the event of Smart Xtra! organized by Trafó House of Contemporary Arts.

Design process

Unprocessed images