Lili Pázmány: Clothing made accessible

I was looking for sartorial and fabric solutions that provide a comfortable feel even for people with disability. I chose this topic for personal reasons; my mother is a wheelchair user. It is my daily experience that getting dressed poses a challenge for her if the shape of the dress or the sewing technology applied is not appropriate. The clothes that meet specific needs often look as if they were medical supplies. Therefore, I was thinking more in terms of fashion design, rather than in a task of social design. Regardless of health conditions, everyone has the right to dress fashionably.

I came to realize that the most important function for a person with disability on an item of clothing might be an exciting addition in form for an able-bodied peer. Thus, I had to find sartorial solutions that function well in both sitting and standing positions. Consultations with my mother have helped me in the design process. I prepared a spring outfit: jacket and trousers, that due to their shape are easy to put on and take off even in a sitting position. For the parts where the body is bent, I used elastic material.

Pázmány Gabriella
Enyingi Sára Borbála

Lili Pázmány, fashion designer, costume designer, MA student at MOME, Fashion and Textile Design. Currently, her main interest circles around making fashion accessible.
She has recently participated in the MA course of Kingston University on the same topic, then gained some professional experience in Berlin. She has worked as a costume designer for the Hungarian State Opera, the Atrium Theater and the Zsámbék Theater Festival among others. In 2017 she participated as textile designer in the design of a tricycle for the disabled, which was received with great success at one of the largest professional competitions of the trade, at the „A’Design Award”.

Design process

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